Using RFID technology, combined with smart cloud based software, GasFlow tracks and traces your LPG fleet. This provides accurate data that is turned into powerful business wisdom. GasFlow is leading edge and dynamic and has been created to adapt and evolve with business needs. Alizent’s business ethos combines best-of-breed technologies, processes and people, so that clients can optimise and grow their business within a true partnership. GasFlow will improve your LPG cylinder business and reshape your supply chain.

Manufacturing & Filling

GasFlow can integrate and optimise the manufacturing and filling process

GasFlow enables you to turn your cylinders in to ‘smart’ and unique assets using RFID technology. Your existing fleet can be retro-tagged and any new cylinders can be fitted at point of manufacture. The cylinders are recognised by your carousels as a live asset and your inventory becomes accurate and automated. Cylinders are filled with the exact amount of gas, offering unprecedented safety and efficiency.

The cylinders are weighed and sorted for maintenance and retesting automatically and any defects are identified there and then. Once filled, the cylinders connect with their selected pallet and cage, bridging the gap with distribution. At Alizent we believe that technology should be adapted to business, not the other way round, and the GasFlow solution, including the intelligent software is configured to fit your business now, whilst also adapting to it in the future.


GasFlow is able to tap into the distribution chain like never before

The unique identity of each and every cylinder offers complete traceability through the distribution chain from despatch to return. Visibility is in real time, and this includes the delivery driver element so that you are able to map and monitor routes to increase efficiency. Optimisation of cylinder use enables you to minimise outlay on new assets and cope with seasonal demand.

Distributor performance metrics are available and you can identify and action black holes, losses and slow or poor performing supply chains with ease. GasFlow can also tap further into delivery processes and digitize the operation offering smart terminals and ePayments.

Point of Sale

GasFlow reaches each individual point of sale (PoS)

Point of Sale (PoS) outlets benefit from the optimised Distribution network developing a closer partnership. The unique identification of each cylinder can be seen in real-time at each PoS and despatch and return patterns are tracked.

Digitization of various processes at the PoS level removes paperwork and streamlines processes.


GasFlow connects with the end-users via point of sale or a delivery mobile application

GasFlow tracks each purchase, person, outlet and cylinder, closing the loop from manufacture to consumption. The end-user is able to tap into their own personal supply chain as they can locate cylinders automatically via the app (requires NFC). This can also extend to an automated 24/7 solution via our revolutionary vending machine / kiosk offering an extra layer of customer satisfaction.

Payments can be seamless using ePayments and smart terminals and credit card and loyalty schemes are integrated. Marketers are able to extrapolate purchase history and consumer behaviour and tailor make marketing push messages, offering increased loyalty and revenue.

Automated LPG Kiosk

Alizent offers end-user clients 24/7 access to LPG cylinders

Alizent have developed a ground-breaking GasFlow LPG kiosk/vending machine that offers end-user clients 24/7 access to LPG cylinders. The cost effective, yet robust patented design connects with the smartphone app and provides kiosk location, cylinder reservation, payment, collection and return.

Read about how Point of Sale outlets and End-User clients benefit from the kiosk.

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