GasFlow utilises RFID tags and readers, blended with cloud-based software.

Our solution is designed to be scalable and dynamic so that it can be constantly adapted to your business, not vice-versa.


Alizent design a wide-range of RFID tags engineered to withstand the conditions of industrial applications and have developed tags that are designed to work with LPG cylinders. These tags can be fitted during manufacture or retro-fitted.


Our readers are configured to work within the points of the LPG supply chain:

  • Production line – integrated ATEX reader stations on the filling line.
  • Despatch – RFID bulk scanning reader for entry / exit and stock control.
  • Distribution / Point of Sale – delivery and collection via a smartphone/Ingenico PDA.
  • Point of Sale – Sale to the end-user / kiosk via smartphone/Ingenico PDA.
  • End-user – Purchase/return via smartphone.


GasFlow is developed from the solid foundations of Awarenet. Awarenet is Alizent’s solution that tracks and traces returnable containers in many industries and we have adapted it to the LPG market.

The GasFlow software architecture has been designed to cope with the real needs and constraints of different LPG companies in different markets. It is a distributed architecture able to cope with the need for real time cylinder information in any plant at any time.

Resilient and fault-tolerant synchronization management makes every plant independent, in spite of its location and / or connectivity capacities. GasFlow will never lose a single tracking event, even when a remote plant in the country goes offline for days.

GasFlow uses Alizent mobile technologies to be able to cope with thousands of distribution users, be it last-mile delivery drivers or point of sale users. Its Android based mobile apps make taking the tracking solution into every corner of the supply chain easy and cost efficient.

A sophisticated data architecture design enables the solution to cope with millions of cylinders generating thousands of information records each day. No matter how many cylinders and operations per day, the system will stay at the same level without degradation in performance.

Alizent’s software team have developed a cloud based system to fit your business perfectly. For managers, reporting, analysis and alerts are easily generated. Data is turned into information using a simple dashboard format that works on all devices, minimizing the impact on your existing IT infrastructure. For distributors and stakeholders, a modern web and android app are used to digitize all processes and communications with the central LPG company, creating the right motivation for all stakeholders to trace & track cylinder operations all along the value chain

 Integration with your existing infrastructure…

GasFlow can integrate seamlessly to your current ERP solution and IT infrastructure. It will synchronize important processes such as billing or distributor sales commission.

 Seamless Payments…

Our solution utilizes Ingenico ‘epayments’ and smart terminals. This offers seamless payments and integrates credit card information as well as the possibility to integrate existing loyalty solutions. This technology also digitizes all delivery processes, reducing administrative tasks for distributors such as cash collection and end-of-day balance.

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